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Waiting List Information

The Waiting List:
The waiting list is maintained in a chronological order (based on date and time a completed application is received) for each unit size and household income level. Priority for any particular sized unit will be given to Very Low Income households (50% of median income). Second priority will be given to Low Income households (80% of median income), and third priority will be given to Moderate Income households (95% of median income). In all cases, if a unit with design features for accommodating a disability becomes available, it will first be offered to a tenant family requiring those features; if none are available, it will then be offered to the first chronologically placed applicant family that requires the features and qualifies for the unit size, regardless of income level.
If you are placed on the waiting list, it will be important that you update us with any changes in your household. Such changes are as follows: change of address, phone number, household size or members, income, and an indication of if you wish to remain on our waiting list or not. You will also need to contact us every six months to inform us that you wish to remain on our waiting list. If you fail to contact us every six months, we will assume you are no longer interested in living at Tolmie Cove Apartments and we will remove your name from our waiting list. You will be notified in writing to your last known address of our intent to remove your name from our waiting list.  Currently, 2 bedroom waiting list is about 2 years long.  3 bedroom waiting list is 1 year long.  
Screening Information and Cost

All applicants will be screened by ORCA Information, Inc.  The cost is $40.00 for each person 18 or older and $15.00 for each person age 12 to 17.  $53.00 for a married couple

Screening Fee is payable once your name is at the top of wait list.

**Not Accepting Comprehensive Re-usable Tenant Screening Reports

Income Limits may impact your priority on the Waiting List
Below moderate USDA income limits with preference for lower income limit households.
Tenant Selection Policy
Applications are always accepted

Filling out the Application: The application package includes an application, an Income/Asset Questionnaire and an authorization for us to obtain employment information which must be completed. Each adult must complete a separate application, Income/Asset Questionnaire and authorization form. Also attached is information regarding the policies of our apartment community regarding eligibility requirements and our procedures for selecting tenants. When completing the Application and Income/Asset Questionnaire, please sit down and allow yourself a few minutes to read it over first, and then fill it out in its entirety. This should take you about 20 – 30 minutes. You will need to fill it out to the best of your knowledge. The Income/Asset Questionnaire will assist you in determining what is considered to be income, assets, and adjustments to income. Please do not leave any blank spaces. If a question does not apply to you, do not write N/A, write out the words “Not Applicable”. If you make a mistake here or there, you will need to cross it out with a single line and initial at the change (Do not use white-out). Be sure to sign and date the application. If you need assistance in completing the application, we will be happy to help you. If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation related to the completion and return of this application, please feel free to request one. Once you have completed and signed our Rental Application and Income/Asset Questionnaire, you will need to either bring them back to our office, or mail them back to us. We will then look it over and will either offer you a unit, place you on our waiting list, or find you ineligible. Regardless of the disposition of your application, we will advise you in writing within ten (10) days of receiving your completed applications(s).

** No screening fees due at the time of application to waiting list

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